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Ace of Seafood

Ace of Seafood is joining the Switch eShop next week. Have a look at the title in the gameplay video below.

Ace of Seafood will soon be appearing on Switch. According to a listing on the Australian eShop, the game is set for February 22. Switch owners can begin pre-loading the game now.

In Ace of Seafood, you’ll form a party of up to six fish and explore the ocean while battling other life forms. It’s an action game in which more powerful creatures will become available as you win battles.

Here’s more on Ace of Seafood, including a trailer:

Ace of Seafood technically hasn’t been announced for Switch. That being said, it looks like it’s happening. Nussoft posted the image above on its Twitter account showing the game running on Switch and indicated that it will hit the platform once the system becomes more widely available.

Ace of Seafood has already come out on several platforms, including Wii U and PC. You can find more about the game below.

In the seas of the distant future, humans have all but disappeared.
Now fish and crustaceans fight great wars, shooting deadly rays of light at each other.
In your current, newly awakened state, you are no more than a piece of seafood.
But you have also been blessed with talent for leading your allies in battle.
Ransack the reefs. Discover an underwater world. Raise an army. Multiply your victories.

Do whatever it takes to become the Ace of Seafood.

Defeat enemies, increase allies, hone your strengths, secure reefs and voyage the seas from top to bottom!”Ace of Seafood” is a third-person action game in which you build a party of up to 6 fish/crustaceans, exploring the vast ocean and battling with various marine life in order to expand your dominance of the ocean.

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