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aPriori Digital

Double Pug Switch

Double Pug Switch, a side-scrolling platformer, is now available on Switch. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Double Pug Switch can be purchased digitally for Switch on the eShop.

Double Pug Switch

The side-scrolling platformer Double Pug Switch was recently given a new trailer. Check out the video below.

Double Pug Switch doesn’t have a release date yet, but should be on Nintendo’s console in the future.

The 3D narrative game Can Androids Pray: Blue is slated for April 16 on the Switch eShop. Check out some footage in the video below.

The 3D narrative game Apriori Digital Can Androids Pray: Blue will land on Switch in April, publisher Apriori Digital and developer Strange Scaffold have announced. A release is set for April 16 on the eShop.

We have the following overview and trailer for Can Androids Pray: Blue:

Double Pug Switch

New footage has emerged for the platformer Double Pug Switch, stemming from a recent appearance EGX Rezzed 2019. View the gameplay below.

After finding out today that Aperion Cyberstorm releases on February 8, new footage has surfaced. Check out 10 minutes of gameplay below.

Aperion Cyberstorm was first announced nearly three years ago. Today, aPriori Digital finally set a release date for its twin-stick bullet hell shooter.

Aperion Cyberstorm is officially launching on February 8. That news applies to both Switch and Wii U.

Here’s some additional information and a trailer:

aPriori Digital readied a new trailer for its Switch / Wii U game Aperion Cyberstorm. Take a look at the latest video below.

aPriori Digital readied a new trailer for Aperion Cyberstorm, which is still on track for Wii U. Take a look at it below.

aPriori Digital has come out with a trio of Aperion Cyberstorm videos today focusing on multiplayer. You can get a closer look at the Versus Mode’s AI players, team battles, and modifiers below.

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