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Arcade Archives

Neo Turf Masters is the next game joining the Arcade Archives series on Switch, and it’s out tomorrow. View a trailer below.

Hamster has promised regular Neo Geo releases on Switch through its Arcade Archives series. Thus far, the company is holding true to that.

Neo Turf Masters is hitting the European Switch eShop tomorrow, according to a listing on Nintendo UK’s site. Japan should have it on the same day, and possibly North America as well.


The Neo Geo games from Hamster’s Arcade Archives series weren’t in the best of shape when they initially launched on Switch. Players reported issues with the sound, but even more significant were problems relating to brightness.

It didn’t take long for Hamster to address the situation thankfully. All of its Neo Geo games received patches a few days ago to remedy things. You can see just how big of an improvement was made with the video below.

Another Neo Geo game is joining the Arcade Archives series tomorrow. In Europe and Japan at least, The King of Fighters ’94 will be available.

Hamster confirms the news for Japan on its Twitter page. As for Europe, we’re able to see the game’s listing on the eShop. The status for North America is unclear, but The King of Fighters ’94 should be out soon regardless.

Here’s a video:

Several Neo Geo games from the Arcade Archives are already available on the Switch eShop. Early on though, players were noticing issues pertaining to brightness and sound.

Developer Hamster has been quick to address the problems. We’re hearing that updates are now out for the various games. They should be updated to version 1.0.1.


Hamster has prepared a few videos for its recent Neo Geo releases on Switch from the Arcade Archives series. We’ve rounded them up below.

NAM-1975 is the newest addition to the lineup of Neo Geo games on Switch through Arcade Archives. Check out some footage below.

Another Neo Geo game is joining the Arcade Archives series in Europe tomorrow. Just like in Japan, NAM-1975 will release on the Switch eShop. It should cost £6.29.


When the first Switch eShop games launch tomorrow, Hamster will kick off its stream of Neo Geo releases from its Arcade Archives series. In Europe, we now have confirmation that two games are releasing.

Shock Trooper and World Heroes Perfect are coming tomorrow. They’ll be priced at £6.29 each.


Despite being a couple of days out, we’re still finding out about new Switch eShop launch games. We previously heard that Arcade Archives is set for release in Japan on Friday, but the same may be planned for North America as well. Hamster’s website says that the “ACA Neo Geo series will start from March 3, 2017 on Nintendo Switch”. That’s technically not an announcement, but we’re very hopeful.