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Arrow Time U

Arrow Time U has received an update. If it doesn’t appear when booting up, you may need to delete the game entirely and re-download from the eShop.

“Despite poor sales”, developer XenoHorizon pushed forward with the update, as the studio didn’t want to go back on its word.

XenoHorizon is taking what it learned with Arrow Time U and applying it to future projects. Speaking of which, it sounds like the indie developer has another title lined up for Wii U.


Arrow Time U is due out on the North American Wii U eShop next Thursday, developer XenoHorizon has confirmed. Pricing is set at $1.99.

XenoHorizon announced on Twitter earlier this week:


Developer XenoHorizon has opened an Indiegogo campaign to finish funding the indie Wii U eShop title Arrow Time U, which has a target goal of $750. You can find it here.

We also have several new details about Arrow Time U as well. These include:

– 5 Boss Battle Levels
– Times are ranked based on completion speed
– Control scheme specifically designed for the Wii U GamePad
– Possible Wii U Pro Controller support
– If funded, expected to release on the eShop in Fall 2014 at a retail price of $1.99

You’ll find a debut video for Arrow Time U above.

Indie developer XenoHorizon has announced its first title “Arrow Time U” for the Wii U eShop. The game, which will launch later this year, is a puzzle/maze experience in which players guide a blue arrow through various levels.

Arrow Time U will offer the following features:

Forty hand-crafted levels for quick fun you can pick up at any time.
Replay any level you’ve unlocked at any time and aim to beat your high score!
Move through any object and render yourself invincible with the “phase through” ability–but use it wisely, because your power is limited!
Slow down time with the “time alter” ability.
Take down bosses without even attacking them.
Use advanced techniques like the lateral shift, speed boost, and phase timing to exploit the game’s mechanics to their fullest!

We’re told that an Indiegogo campaign will likely be created for Arrow Time U. When it goes live, the goal will be set at about $800 or so.

Screenshots from Arrow Time U can be found above. Note that the images are of development, do not represent the final product, and are subject to change at any time.

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