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Atsushi Kitajo

Famitsu recently spoke with a pair of composers involved with Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth’s music. Shoji Meguro, composer of the Persona series and Atsushi Kitajo, composer of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, chatted with the Japanese magazine.

The two told Famitsu:

“While it does have the essence of Etrian Odyssey in it, once you get to play it for yourself, you’ll immediately know that it’s a new title of the Persona series. Even on the sound-side of things, essentially, it doesn’t stray away from the Persona series, and we were even able to bring out a unique Persona Q sound to it.” – Kitajo

“The scenario has some comical parts, but the planners had a few difficult requests like wanting us to give a taste of an occult-like BGM.” – Meguro

“In the first place, Persona Q has a side that is meant for the Atlus brand’s 25th anniversary festival, and in addition to this, the desire to make it a ‘complete title’ in the Persona series, has become very strong. In that regard, the sound direction will be changing, so we’ve also had some consultation done within the development team.” – Kitajo


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