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Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition gameplay

Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition, which launched on Switch this week, has a new round of gameplay. Over a half hour of footage has gone live.

You can find more information about the game in this overview:

Deck of Ashes trailer

Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition has come to Switch, and AYGames has sent out a trailer in celebration. The video shows off the adventure game, which features tactical card combat.

More information about Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition can be found in the following overview:

Deck of Ashes release date

Deck of Ashes has secured a final release date on Switch. The adventure game with tactical card combat is slated for April 21, publisher Buka Entertainment and developer AYGames have announced.

Deck of Ashes will be sold on Switch as a Complete Edition with new “Tome of Dimensions” DLC included. This features Sibyl the Dark Soul as a new character who’s “looking to bring her race back from extinction.” Players can use Sibyl’s Deadly Shot ability to deal critical hits with different arrowheads, but she can also strengthen her power by resurrecting fallen enemies in the form of skeletons. That’s on top of two new effects in battle: Fear and Hysteria.

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