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Blowfish Studios

A series of videos have come in for Morphite, all of which are attached below. The various uploads showcase what’s possible in the game.

Morphite was initially planned for release on September 7. At the end of August though, the game was pushed back to September 21. Morphite is now seeing another delay specific to Switch.

An unspecified technical issue has resulted in the second delay for Morphite. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear when the new release date will be.

Crescent Moon Games relayed on Twitter:


The Switch eShop has updated with some new screenshots of the neat-looking atmospheric sci-fi first-person adventure Morphite. Find them all in the gallery below.

Morphite is seeing a bit of a delay. On Twitter, Blowfish Studios announced that the game has been rescheduled for September 21. This is to ensure “a good experience on launch”.

Blowfish wrote:

Fortunately, this isn’t a massive delay. Morphite was originally planned for September 7.


Morphite is in the works for Switch, Crescent Moon Games, We’re Five Games, and Blowfish Studios have announced. It’s due out on September 7.

Morphite is an atmospheric sci-fi first-person adventure. You’ll play as Myrah Kale while exploring uncharted procedurally-generated planets that offer “diverse landscapes and teeming with exotic flora and fauna.” The game also features random encounters with real-time space combat.

More details about Morphite can be found below, along with a new trailer.