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Blowfish Studios

After it was announced back in October, Projection: First Light has reemerged at PAX East with a playable demo. Watch some footage captured from the event below.

It’s been several months since Morphite came to Switch. But just recently, the game received an update that adds in support for gyro controls.

Here’s a look at the new settings:


Initially released last year, Siegecraft Commander is now making its way to Switch. Blowfish Studios shared the news on Twitter by posting a photo of the game running on the system.

Siegecraft Commander is a real-time strategy game. A single-player campaign is included, but local hot-seat and online multiplayer are also supported.

We have some additional details and a trailer for Siegecraft Commander below.

The Deer God Switch footage

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Next week, The Deer God will be hitting Switch as an eShop download. Get a look at some footage in the video below.

The Deer God, which came to Wii U last year, is making the transition to Switch. Blowfish Studios announced today that the game will be releasing on the console on December 21.

The Deer God is a 3D pixel art adventure involving platforming, survival, reincarnation, and karma. We have more details and a trailer below.

Morphite made its way to Switch today as an eShop download. We’ve posted two launch trailers from Blowfish Studios below.

Following a few delays, Morphite is finally launching on Switch this week. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Crescent Moon Games tweeted today that Morphite has been approved and will be launching November 2 on the Switch eShop. The game is scheduled to be released the same day in Europe. The game’s listing appears on the eShop.

Morphite may finally have a release date on Switch. According to a listing on the eShop, Blowfish Studios will be publishing the title on November 2.

Morphite was originally planned for September 7 on Switch. However, it was then delayed to September 21, and was pushed back a second time due to a technical issue.

We’re hoping that the November 2 release date will stick this time around. Also, while it’s not yet confirmed, a November 2 release in North America is very likely as well.

Source: Switch eShop

The puzzle-platformer Projection: First Light is on the way to Switch, developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios announced today. A release is planned for Q2 2018.

Here’s an overview for Projection: First Light:

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