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CheeseCake Cool Conrad

Reload Game Studio has shared with us a couple of extra tidbits about its indie title CheeseCake Cool Conrad.

First, we’ve been told that the game has four playable characters. There are also plans to include a multiplayer mode, which supports up to 4 players simultaneously.

We’ll have more on CheeseCake Cool Conrad in the future.

Reload Game Studio has provided us with three exclusive screenshots from CheeseCake Cool Conrad. You can find them above.

CheeseCake Cool Conrad is heading to the Wii U eShop as well as Ouya and Steam. Reload Game Studio describes it as “a Mario Galaxy in 2D where the player must avoid all hazards, collect items, and find secret cakes”.

You can find a trailer for CheeseCake Cool Conrad above. It’s due out this summer.