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Chicken Wiggle Workshop

Hatch Tales delay August 2024

There’s been another update in the Hatch Tales saga, with the game experiencing another delay. Atooi now set a new release date of August 23, 2024.

Hatch Tales was most recently slated for March 28 of this year. However, it quietly slipped through the cracks. The title has been delayed multiple times and fans have been waiting for its launch for over six years, as it was previously funded in 2018 on Kickstarter.

In a statement, Atooi explained that it needs more time to finish up polishing. The studio noted how “many layers of iteration, polish, and bug squashing” are needed in order to provide “a high quality player experience”. 

Hatch Tales release date

It’s been a long time coming, but Hatch Tales finally has a release date. Today, Atooi revealed in a Kickstarter backer update that the game is launching for Switch on March 28, 2024.

Originally known as Chicken Wiggle Workshop, the project was funded by fans over five years ago. It’s an expanded version of the 3DS platformer that lets players create and share levels. After going through a few different release windows, Chicken Wiggle Workshop received a final release date and it’s now six months away.

Hatch Tales

Atooi has provided an update on its platformer Hatch Tales – previously known as Chicken Wiggle Workshop. The game is now on track to launch in 2021.

Today’s release window update was also accompanied by a new trailer. View the video below.

Atooi provided a status update on Chicken Wiggle Workshop yesterday, noting that the platformer is unlikely to hit Switch this year. It’s now shaping up to be a 2020 game instead.

Atooi apologized in a Kickstarter delay, explaining that the team is small and the scope of the project has changed. Stretch goals are now being implemented into the initial development “to better suit our fans and the overall game experience.”

The full update reads:

Chicken Wiggle Workshop never had a firm release date, but Atooi was aiming for December. However, the project is now moving officially to early 2019 as the developer attempts to “ensure the game is the best it can be for Nintendo Switch, and that goal is becoming a truly exciting reality as we move forward with each step in development.”

Atooi provided the following status update on development today:

Atooi posted a video showcasing the first off-screen footage for the platformer Chicken Wiggle Workshop. Watch it below.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop was originally released on 3DS. The new version was funded for Switch on Kickstarter, and will have optional HD artwork and an orchestral soundtrack from Grant Kirkhope.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop’s Kickstarter came to an end today. It went very well for Atooi, as the funding goal was met. Additionally, in the final few hours, one stretch goal was reached.

Having raised $35,000, Chicken Wiggle Workshop will feature a new orchestral soundtrack. Grant Kirkhope, who worked on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle most recently, will be providing music.


Atooi started a Kickstarter for Chicken Wiggle Workshop a few weeks ago. With just a few days remaining in the campaign, the $30,000 target goal has been met. Chicken Wiggle Workshop will officially be made for Switch.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is built on the same foundation as the overlooked 3DS game in which you can create platforming levels and share them online. For the Switch version, Atooi will be implementing HD artwork, though the original style will still be an option as well.

You can learn more about Chicken Wiggle Workshop on the Kickstarter page here.

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