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Conradical Games

Lootbox Lyfe+

The Metroidvania platformer Lootbox Lyfe+ is incoming for Switch, publisher Ratalaika Games and Conradical Games announced today. A release is planned for February 24, 2023.

Lootbox Lyfe+ is a cross genre experience with Metroidvania and hardcore platforming elements, along with movement option progression. We have a ton of additional information below.

The Outbound Ghost trailer

Digerati and Conradical Games published a new trailer for The Outbound Ghost, their adventure RPG. The title landed on Switch today.

We have more information in the following overview:

The Outbound Ghost physical

Original (8/31): The Outbound Ghost will be sold physically on Switch, it’s been confirmed. Merge Games will be responsible for distributing the game at retail. Pricing is set at $34.99 / £29.99 / €34.99.

Interestingly, it appears we have a release date – at least for the physical release. The Outbound Ghost will be out in stores on November 25, 2022. Digerati says that the digital launch is still planned for this year on Switch, but didn’t specify an exact date.

The Outbound Ghost

Publisher Digerati and Conradical Games today revealed that The Outbound Ghost, an adventure RPG, is in development for Switch. The project is targeting a 2022 launch.

We have more information about The Outbound Ghost in the following overview:

Drageus Games is bringing the minimalist puzzle game Girabox to Switch this week, the studio announced today. The title, originally made by Conradical Games, will be out on November 27.

Here’s some information about Girabox as well as a trailer:

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