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Cube Life: Island Survival

The Wii U may be lacking Minecraft, but there are plenty of similar games heading to the platform to make up for its absence.

The latest effort comes from Cypronia and its project “Cube Life: Island Survival”. Here’s what we know thus far:

– Survival Mode: places you in a world with a series of islands and you have to explore and craft to survive
– You’ll also have to defend yourself when night falls
– Cypronia is keen to emphasize that it’s aiming for “a living world with wild animals on the land, lurking in caves, swimming under the water, or even flying in the sky”, while boasting of over 200 items to craft
– Creative Mode: make designs in an editor
– This will support online sharing
– Updates coming throughout 2015 and more
– Will improve the game based on feedback

Our goal is create the best block building open-world sandbox game for Nintendo platforms. PC, Xbox, Playstation, and even smartphones, all have Minecraft. Nintendo players deserve to have something truly special, too—to have their own game.

We can get inspired by the best ideas from the existing competition, but we really want to go our own way… In the same way Nintendo makes their own path.

Cube Life: Island Survival will be released in Q2 2015. Stay tuned for additional information.