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Cube Life: Island Survival

Cypronia has been hard at work on Cube Life: Island Survival’s first major update. Version 1.1 is now on track or September, and several new features will be added in along with fixes.

Below are the updated patch notes:

– Local multiplayer (GamePad vs Wii U Pro controller + TV)
– 3 modes for multiplayer (deathmatch, tower defense, coop)
– Wii U Pro Controller support
– Pets
– 100 new items added like swords, doors, furniture, etc
– 1st person / 3rd person / Selfie view
– More animals and enemies
– 56 new maps for the Survival mode- added rain
– 20% faster loading time
– faster engine +10 fps average

Issues fixed:
– added Invert Yaxis button
– arrows do not go through walls
– Bale of Hay fixed crash
– added HDR effect ON/OFF button
– fixed drowning on land issue
– Better tool durability (axes, armor…)
– Hunger and thirsty drop slowly
– Fixed flood after loading issue
– Animal drop items more frequently
– Increased gravity, when you fall
– less agressive cannibals at beginning

Creative Mode fixes:
– Icons do not change position
– added explosives
– added stairs
– added Flat terrain feature
– Water on/off button
?- more color blocks

Thanks to ngamer87 for the tip.


Cypronia is currently preparing an update for Cube Life: Island Survival, and it’s coming soon.

Here’s a look at what will be introduced in version 1.1:


  • Local multiplayer (Gamepad vs WiiU Pro controller + TV)
  • Wii U Pro Controller support
  • Pets
  • 20 more items added such as doors

Issues addressed

  • Invert Y-axis button added
  • HDR effect ON/OFF button added
  • Hale of Bay – fixed crash
  • Drowning on land fixed
  • Better tool durability (axes, armour…)
  • Hunger and thirsty drop slowly
  • Water flood after loading fixed
  • Animal drop items more frequently
  • Increased gravity, when you fall

Creative mode improvements

  • Icons do not change position
  • Added explosives
  • Added Flat terrain feature
  • More colour blocks

Cube Life’s 1.1 update is scheduled for sometime next month. After that’s over and done with, Cypronia will begin work on even more updates. The studio has plans for more Survival mode and multiplayer maps, plus more animals, enemies, and items.


Cypronia is preparing a special offer for Cube Life: Island Survival owners thanks to the game’s strong sales. Those who have purchased the title – or will do so in the future – will be entitled to a free Wii U eShop release from the studio. This mystery game will be confirmed sometime in the future.


Additionally footage has come in showing Cube Life: Island Survival, which hit the North American Wii U eShop last week. Watch it below.

Cypronia’s Cube Life: Island Survival was recently released in North America, and we now have a concrete European release date as well. The open world crafting and building game will hit the European eShop on June 25th.


On Thursday, Cube Life: Island Survival arrived on the North American Wii U eShop. Watch some footage from the game below.

Indie developer Cyprona have published a new trailer for their upcoming Wii U game Cube Life: Island Survival, which is available on the North American eShop today. Check it out below:

Cypronia has settled on Cube Life: Island Survival’s final release date. In North America, the game will be hitting the Wii U eShop on June 4. Pricing is set at $6.99.


Cypronia has confirmed that Cube Life: Island Survival is coming to the North American and European Wii U eShops towards the start of June. It’ll come with over 200 items and tools, a variety of wild animals to trade with or slaughter, local inhabitants, a day/night cycle, and online rankings.

Cube Life: Island Survival will be priced at $14.99 / €14.99. However, a special launch discount of $6.99 / €6.99 will be offered.

Cypronia CEO Stefan Pavelka said:

If we compare the game to competitors, other Wii U games of that genre, we will offer much more fun and greater value, either by means of lower price or by providing more content and features.

Check out a Cube Life: Island Survival trailer below.