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Cybernetik Design

After already releasing in Japan, developers Cybernetik Design and Dolores Entertainment are bringing their space puzzle game Six Sides of the World to the Switch in the West. The title will be available for purchase from the eShop sometime next week. 

Prior to release, Nintendo Impact Gaming! has shared some footage of the game on YouTube. Check out their video below.

Six Sides of the World came out on the European Wii U eShop earlier today. For a look at the game, view the following video:

Cybernetik Design, Talking About Media, and Dolores Entertainment are bringing a new Wii U title to Europe today. Six Sides of the World, a puzzle game in which players explore different galaxies “with brain-racking challenges”, is due out very shortly.

Here’s a trailer for the original PC release:

And a comprehensive overview:

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