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Dolores Entertainment

Mothered gameplay

New gameplay has surfaced for Mothered, a first-person horror adventure game. Switch saw it release on the eShop a few days ago.

Here’s an official overview with more information:


Dolores Entertainment announced today that it will soon be publishing a Switch version of Mothered on Switch. It will be available on March 30, 2023.

Mothered is officially described as “a first-person horror adventure game with point-and-click mechanics, set in a familiar yet eerily unnatural depiction of home.” Further information can be found in the following overview:

Indigo 7: Quest For Love

Footage has emerged for Indigo 7: Quest For Love, Switch’s new fast-paced puzzle title. Take a look at the gameplay below.

Indigo 7: Quest For Love is out now on the Switch eShop. Be sure to visit our original post here for additional coverage.

Indigo 7: Quest For Love

Dolores Entertainment is bringing its fast-paced puzzle game Indigo 7: Quest For Love to Switch next month, the studio has announced. A release is set for July 8.

Learn more about Indigo 7: Quest For Love with the following overview and trailer:

In Celebration of Violence

In Celebration of Violence, a fantasy-action roguelike, reaches Switch tomorrow. Have a look at some early footage below.

In Celebration of Violence will be sold digitally for Switch starting on November 26. Additional information and a trailer can be found here.

Developer and publisher Dolores Entertainment has announced that fantasy-action roguelike In Celebration of Violence is launching on Switch later this month. Check out an overview and trailer below.

Mushroom Heroes, a puzzle-platformer from Dolores Entertainment and Redro Games, hits the Switch eShop on April 30. View some early footage below.

Today, Dolores Entertainment and Redro Games announced that Mushroom Heroes is coming to Switch. The game, which is a puzzle-platformer, is lined up for an April 30 release.

Here’s some information about the title:

GhoulBoy, which has already been available for Switch in North America, is now available digitally in Japan.

According to publisher eastasiasoft, the Japanese version will support language options for English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and select European languages.

A tweet of the news and a trailer can be viewed below.

Ghoulboy lands on Switch as a digital download starting February 14. View a bit of gameplay footage in the video below.

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