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Diplodocus Games

The 3D platformer Toree 3D is set to debut on Switch next week. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

Toree 3D arrives digitally for Switch on April 8. We have more on the game here.

Diplodocus Games and Siactro have announced that their 3D Platformer, Toree 3D, is coming to Switch next week. Check out an overview and trailer below.

Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition launches on the Switch eShop this month, check out some footage below

Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition is set to launch on the Switch eShop on August 27 for $14.99.

Commander Keen in Keen Dreams, a classic side-scrolling platformer originally created by Doom developer id Software, was added to the Switch eShop back in February 2019. But it’s now getting a new “Definitive Edition” this month with new levels and more.

Here’s the official description from the eShop listing, along with some screenshots:

In Europe, Sudoku & Permudoku will be available on July 7. That’s based on a listing from the eShop, which also has a €0.99 price point. Sudoku & Permudoku is already out in North America having arrived last month.