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omen of sorrow

Today, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer AOne Game announced that the fighting game Omen of Sorrow is making the jump to Switch.

For the release on Nintendo’s console, the title will feature revised story mode content and new endings in arcade mode.

Here’s some information about the game:

Beat Souls gameplay

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Beat Souls

Rhythm action game Beat Souls released today on Switch eShop, and players interested in the game can now check out 18 minutes of gameplay footage.

Find out more about the game below:

Beat Souls

Developer ZOO Corporation and publisher Eastasiasoft and have revealed that Beat Souls will release on Switch eShop on February 16, and have shared a new trailer to celebrate.

For more information about the game, see below:

Cake Invaders gameplay

Cake Invaders, which landed on Switch this week, has received gameplay. 16 minutes of footage has come in for the shoot ’em up title.

Learn more about Cake Invaders with the following overview:

Seven Pirates H

Original (1/10): Seven Pirates H is getting an English release on Switch in the west, Eastasiasoft announced today in partnership with Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Felistella. A release is scheduled for Spring 2022.

The game was previously announced for Nintendo’s console last week as Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates H, though only in Japan. It had previously released on PS Vita. However, this marks the first time the game will receive an official localization.

Here’s a bunch of information about the project:

Splash Cars

The mobile game Splash Cars is making the transition to consoles, and Eastasiasoft has announced a partnership with Paper Bunker to put the title on Switch. The isometric 3D driving game will be available sometime in Q1 2022.

Here’s an overview of Splash Cars with more information, courtesy of Eastasiasoft:

Beat Souls

Eastasiasoft and ZOO Corporation are bringing Beat Souls to Switch, the two sides announced today. The game, which features action and rhythm elements, is on track for a Q1 2022 launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about Beat Souls, have a look at the following overview:

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna

Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Tonguç Bodur have announced The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna, “an immersive experience that explores how unfair society can be” featuring light platforming and puzzle elements. Switch will be getting the game on February 2.

For more on The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna, read the following overview:

Cake Invaders

Cake Invaders, a mixture of shoot ’em up and tower defense gameplay, has been announced for Switch. Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer ZOO Corporation are planning the title for January 26.

Learn more about Cake Invaders with the following overview:

Queeny Army

Today, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Al-link announced Queeny Army for Switch. The side-scrolling action platformer is due out on January 18.

We have the following overview for Queeny Army:

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