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Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover

Following the original game that’s already out on Switch, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer today announced Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover. The title is scheduled to launch this June.

The first Drunken First appeared on Switch at the very end of 2020.

Spacewing War

The shoot ’em up title Spacewing War is in the works for Switch, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Pneuma Games announced today. A release is planned for June 8, 2022.

Spacewing War has 40 color palettes, seven levels, unlockable campaigns, secrets, and more. Additional details can be found in the overview below. 

Freezer Pops

Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer H-Room have announced Freezer Pops, which is officially described as a “bara visual novel”. Switch will be getting the game on May 27, 2022.

Below is an official overview:

Divination release date

Eastasiasoft and Mojiken have set a final release date for Divination, their upcoming visual novel. Fans will be able to pick it up on May 18, 2022.

The game was announced for Switch back in February. Today marks the first time that Divination has a concrete release date.

Rage Among the Stars

Eastasiasoft has announced that it’s teaming up with Kata Games on Rage Among the Stars, a “rage-inducing” 2D platformer. It’s hitting Switch on May 10, 2022.

Below is an overview of the game with more information:

The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story gameplay

We now have gameplay for The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story, a first-person story adventure. You can check out 23 minutes of footage.

Here’s some information about the game:

Seven Pirates H release date

Seven Pirates H, which had already been announced for an English release, was given a final release date in the west today. Eastasiasoft, Idea Factory, and Compile Heart will have it ready to go in North America, Europe, and Asia on May 12th, 2022.

Seven Pirates H previously landed on Switch in Japan on February 3. The western version was initially given a general Spring 2022 window.

The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story release date

After it was announced for Switch last month, The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story now has a release date. The haunting psychological horror title has now been confirmed for April 27, 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Thunder Kid: Hunt for the Robot Emperor gameplay

Gameplay has come in for Thunder Kid: Hunt for the Robot Emperor, a 3D run ‘n’ gun action game. Eastasiasoft and Renegade Sector Games released it this past week.

For more on Thunder Kid, read the following overview:

Wife Quest release date

Wife Quest released on Switch eShop yesterday, and we have the first 24 minutes of the game. Learn more about the game and check out the footage below:

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