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Easy Day Studios

Skater XL Switch gameplay

New gameplay is in for the Switch version of Skater XL following its recent debut on the platform. You can see the initial tutorial, various environments, and more.

Further details about the title can be found in the following overview:

Skater XL launch trailer

A new launch trailer dropped for the Switch version of Skater XL. The game, a street skateboarding experience, has now come to Nintendo’s console.

Additional details can be found in the following overview:

Skater XL Switch

The Switch version of Skater XL has finally received a release date. Today, Easy Day Studios announced that the port is slated for December 5, 2023.

It’s been a wild ride for Skater XL, as the game was first announced in 2019. It was delayed in 2020, and while it was only pushed back a few weeks on other platforms, we’re just now getting the Switch version.

Skater XL

Easy Day Studios has issued a new trailer for Skater XL. Take a look at the latest video for the game below.

We’re waiting on a new, final release date for the Switch version of Skater XL, which we’ll hopefully have sooner rather than later.

Skater XL

Easy Day Studios shared a new behind the scenes video today, which gives a closer look at the photogrammetry process of taking 3D objects and implementing them in-game. Watch it below.

Skater XL

Easy Day Studios has announced that community created content will be available in the full launch of Skater XL. Players will be able to access a trio of maps made by community members: ‘Streets’ by Jean-Olive, ‘Hűdland Training Facility’ by Pactole, and ‘Grant Skate Park’ by Theo. Each map has been given visual enhancements by Easy Day’s art team in collaboration with the map creator.

Skater XL

During today’s Future Games Show, a new Easy Day High School level was shown off for the first time. Check out the video below.

The video indicated that we’ll be seeing it on July 28 for Switch, though that doesn’t actually appear to be the case. Skater XL doesn’t have a release date after it was recently delayed, but Easy Day Studios will be providing an update on launch timing soon.

Skater XL

IGN has debuted the first footage from the Switch version of Skater XL as part of a new developer interview with Easy Day Studios. Give it a look below.

Following a recent delay, Skater XL will no longer launch on July 28 and the Switch version currently does not have a release date. News on that front is expected soon.

Skater XL

Skater XL won’t be meeting its originally July 28 release date. The game has been delayed on all platforms, though the Switch version doesn’t have a new date currently.

Easy Day Studios shared the following on social media:

Skater XL

Easy Day Studios has revealed that its upcoming title Skater XL will reach Switch on July 7. The game will be sold digitally via the eShop.

Coinciding with today’s announcement, Easy Day Studios confirmed that Skater XL will feature apparel, footwear, decks, wheels, and more from top skate brands. The full lineup is as follows:

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