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EXOR Studios

EXOR Studios’ Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition is out today on Nintendo Switch. Youtube channel Handheld Players recorded over 30 minutes of footage from the game:

EXOR Studios has announced that it is putting Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition on Switch. The game, an action-packed zombie shooter from the same team as X-Morph Defense, launches digitally on July 25.

Here’s some additional information:

X-Morph: Defense launches today on the Switch eShop. We have the game’s release trailer below as well as footage.

Exor Studios announced today that it will be bringing X-Morph: Defense to the Switch eShop next month. The fusion of tower defense strategy and top-down shooter arrives on February 21.

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

Switch is getting a new twin-stick shooter, tower defense hybrid. X-Morph: Defense is in the works for Nintendo’s console, EXOR Studios announced today.

Here’s some additional information and a trailer: