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Fellow Traveller

Fangamer physical

Today, Fangamer announced that it’s producing a physical version of Citizen Sleeper.

Although only a standard version is planned, it’ll come with several goodies. You’ll get reversible cover art, a set of three sleeper art cards, a double-sided folded poster featuring a map of Erlin’s Eye, and a kiss-cut Neovend sticker sheet.

Times & Galaxy

Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Copychaser Games announced that the upcoming project Times & Galaxy is in the works for Switch. It will be available in Q2 2024.

Times & Galaxy is an interplanetary adventure game in which you play as a robo intern reporter. If you can get the scoop, write great stories, and impress your colleagues, you might just be able to keep your job.

We have more information in the following overview:

1000xResist preview

1000xResist begins, like many good mysteries do, with a murder. Or, rather, an assassination. Mere moments into my demo, I watch as a woman named Watcher plunges her knife in the body of a woman who looks just like her. But the act isn’t without purpose: it’s a necessary part of a ritual called a Communion, which allows the executioner to relive the memories of the person they just killed. That dramatic opening is just the start of what seems poised to be a complex story in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, and it left me curious to see more of this experimental take on a time-travel adventure.

Hiveswap Friendsim gameplay

Gameplay has been released for Hiveswap Friendsim, the first part of the MSPA Reader Saga. Fellow Traveller brought it to Switch this week.

We have the following information about it from the eShop listing:

Pesterquest, Hiveswap Friendsim

Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer What Pumpkin announced they are bringing Homestuck titles Hiveswap Friendsim and Pesterquest to Switch. Both are due out on December 7, 2023.

Hiveswap Friendsim begins as players crash-land on Alternia and must survive and even thrive on its harsh surface. The game will have you searching for friendship while experiencing 18 volumes in this visual novel adventure set in the Homestuck universe.


Original: Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer 1000xResist announced that 1000xResist is in the works for Switch. The hyper-cinematic adventure will be available in 2023.

The premise of the game is that you’re a clone and you worship the last surviving human known as the ALLMOTHER. Your faith is shattered by a dangerous rumor, prompting the main character to phase through time and memory in order to expose a 1,000-year-old lie. 

The Pale Beyond

Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Bellular Studios announced that they’re putting The Pale Beyond on Switch. It’s due out on October 6, 2023.

The Pale Beyond is a polar exploration survival game that takes place in an unforgiving frozen wasteland. Players will go on a treacherous voyage across the ice and into a stunning yet harsh landscape that can change at any moment.

Citizen Sleeper Purge

Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over the Age announced that Citizen Sleeper’s third and final DLC episode Purge will launch on March 31, 2023. This can be accessed for free via a free update.

Citizen Sleeper previously provided fans with a couple of other post-launch episodes at no extra cost. The DLC introduces a new narrative arc with additional characters, lore and locations. Those returning to the game might even find themselves running into some familiar faces.

Kraken Academy physical

Red Art Games, in partnership with Fellow Traveller and Happy Broccoli Games, announced today that it will be producing a physical version of Kraken Academy on Switch. Only a standard version will be available – no special editions are planned.

Kraken Academy first appeared on Switch back in March, though only as a digital title. Read more about the game below.

Citizen Sleeper Refuge episode

Citizen Sleeper will roll out its next free episode titled Refuge, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over the Age announced today. All players can access it starting on October 27, 2022.

Refuge has players entering the flotilla and learning about what happened on the moons of Ember with Sol, captain of the Pilgrim’s Seed. Read a bit more about it below.

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