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Flik Golf 3D

The iconic mobile sports game heads to console for the first time!
Flick Golf, the world’s most addictive handheld golf game, is coming to Nintendo 3DS in time for the 2015 Masters Tournament, before April 9 2015.
Get ready to experience Full Fat’s award-winning touch controls, enjoyed by millions in the original #1 App Store game, for the first time on console!
Flick, spin and curve your shots to sink the perfect hole-in-one. Adjust the ball in the air using the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen. StreetPass with other Nintendo 3DS users to collect their high scores and challenge them to become a golf master!
“What Flick Golf 3D delivers is a polished, simple and accessible experience.”

– Nintendo Life
Flick Golf 3D makes excellent use of the 3D Depth Slider*, making it easier than ever to judge the position of the ball and adjust spin to hit the shots of your dreams. It’s a perfect fit for the super-stable 3D of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Play on several challenging courses in Quickshot, compete for trophies in World Tour, or put your golf skills to the ultimate test in Quickshot Pro.
Full Fat has a long history of developing for Nintendo platforms, dating back to 1996 and the Game Boy Color. We couldn’t be more thrilled to return to our roots with Flick Golf 3D!
Coming soon:

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Price: TBC


ESRB: E for Everyone


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