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Flow Fire Games

Synthetik: Ultimate

To celebrate the release of Synthetik: Ultimate, Flow Fire Games has prepared a launch trailer. Watch the video below.

Synthetik: Ultimate is out now on Switch as an eShop download. Learn more about the title here.

Synthetik: Ultimate

Synthetik Ultimate, the tactical shooter rogue-like from Flow Fire Games, launches on Switch tomorrow. Check out some gameplay with the video below.

Synthetic Ultimate is scheduled to release on the Switch eShop on December 16.

Synthetik: Ultimate

As reported a few days ago, the tactical shooter rogue-lite Synthetik: Ultimate is making its way to Switch next week. A new trailer for the game can be found below.

Synthetik: Ultimate launches for Switch on December 16. We have additional information about the game here.

Synthetik: Ultimate

Synthetik: Ultimate, a tactical shooter rogue-lite that has received a great deal of praise on Steam, will soon be heading to Switch. A listing has appeared on the eShop which shows the game is arriving next month.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

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