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Francisco Téllez de Meneses

Revogamers recently chatted with Unepic creator Francisco Téllez de Meneses to learn more about the title’s development and gameplay. You can find a summary of what was shared below.

– First script for Unepic was different
– Plot was epic, obscure, with a chosen one with prophetic dreams
– But one of the friends of the developer, Franciso Téllez de Meneses, noticed the similarities with A Link to the Past
– His wife told him to change the story and include a time traveler, so that was genesis of the final game, a decision that let Franciso include all the cartoon, videogames and cinema references
– This also led to the game’s name, since it was an epic game but not anymore
– Francisco programmed, designed, wrote, draw and made part of the music of the game
– Francisco started to make it in his free time
– Illumination is one of the keys of the game
– Franciso wanted to make a game where the player has to light the places he went
– All illumination in the game is real time
– Light is a tool to know which rooms you’ve not fully explored
– If a torch is not lit, the map will show it to you
– Sidequests are optional and original; trying to be different than: kill 5 monsters and come back
– Secret achievements included
– Can play smartly, using the spells, the different weapons or the stealth, or like a barbarian, with an axe, an Armour and full Strength and Constitution upgrades
– A weapon crafting system was rejected; can only make potions in the game
– The game has reduced sexual references and bad language; was a personal decision and Nintendo wasn’t involved in it
– Wii U version includes voices in English and Spanish
– Unlikely that multiplayer options will be included in the Wii U version
– Francisco is working on another version of Unepic
– It’s a futuristic game with new enemies, different puzzles and more guns
– Won’t be Unepic 2; it’s a different game based on it
– Unepic has already earned 7 times the amount of money spent making it
– 1080p, 60 FPS
– GamePad has 32 shortcuts to objects, weapons and spells
– Game includes another difficulty level: Difficult +
– Will offer 20 hours of gameplay if not killed, probably 30 hours in first play through