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Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

The platformer Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is hitting Switch digitally this week, with a physical version to follow later. We’ve posted some footage below.

The 3D platformer Ginger: Beyond the Crystal was first outed for Switch via a rating from the USK. BadLand Games has now officially confirmed the release.

You’ll be able to purchase Ginger: Beyond the Crystal digitally on November 17. A physical version will follow in 2018.

We have more information about the game below, along with a trailer.

Two more Switch games could be bound for Switch. The USK, Germany’s classification board, rated Ginger: Beyond the Crystal and Tales of the Tiny Planet Switch this past week.

These two games previously appeared on other platforms previously. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is an adventure platformer while Tales of the Tiny Planet is a physics-puzzle-adventure in which you use a single button to control a group of complex mechanisms and make it to the end of each level as quickly as you can.

We have more information about Ginger: Beyond the Crystal and Tales of the Tiny Planet below, along with trailers for each.

BadLand Indie is publishing Ginger: Beyond the Crystal on Wii U and other platforms in 2016, the company announced today. The 3D platform adventure is developed by Drakhar Studio.

Here’s an overview of the game:

“(Ginger: Beyond the Crystal) follows a heroic young boy named Ginger whose entire life crumbled around him when an ancient crystal exploded. Thinking he is the sole survivor of his world he is astonished when he meets another lone survivor, the mayor, who explains to him that all the people who one inhabited their beloved planet have been taken to other planets and are now trapped there. Ginger must traverse the crystal to reach other worlds where he will be able to find and save his people. Along the way Ginger must reconstruct the world as he knew it by building homes for the people he manages to save. Full of mini-games, puzzles, skins to earn, and, of course, platforms you’ll spend hours aiding Ginger on his quest Beyond The Crystal.”

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is currently on Steam Greenlight here. We’ve posted a trailer below.