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The physical version of Axiom Verge was dated for October 17 awhile back. Unfortunately though, a delay is happening. Creator Tom Happ estimates that the physical copies will be pushed back by “a couple of weeks”. Both Switch and Wii U will be affected.

There might be one bright spot here. Happ put out a tweet asking fans if they’d like the digital version to release on the eShop as planned. Based on the Twitter poll, that may very well happen.


Axiom Verge was originally going to be on Switch sometime this month. However, that isn’t the case any longer.

With Axiom Verge being listed on retailer websites over the past few weeks, it seemed like the game had slipped a bit. Creator Tom Happ has now officially confirmed a release date of October 17. Since we only had a vague August release window previously, this “delay” isn’t entirely surprising.

Happ told one fan on Twitter today:


Two physical versions of Axiom Verge are up for pre-order on Amazon right now, the standard edition and the multiverse edition. Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition comes with a double-sided poster, soundtrack CD and a “making of” documentary.

You can check out the standard edition here and the multiverse edition here.

The physical game is listed to be released on October 17th.

Awhile back, a physical version of Axiom Verge was announced. Wii U and other platforms are set to receive the “Multiverse Edition” with a bunch of goodies. We now have confirmation that Axiom Verge is not only coming to Switch, but will also be receiving the same physical release.

The Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition contains the following:

– Copy of Axiom Verge on disc/cartridge
– Deluxe booklet with developer’s commentary and art
– Double-sided poster with the world map and weapons/items in the game
– Exclusive making-of documentary
– Soundtrack CD (Available only on Switch, pre-order incentive otherwise)

You can pick up the Aaxiom Verge Multiverse Edition in August. It will cost $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99 on Wii U, but $39.99 / €39.99 on Switch.

Axiom Verge landed on Wii U last year as an eShop download. Later this year, the game will be getting the physical treatment.

Thomas Happ Games is partnering with BadLand Indie on Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition. Buyers will receive a copy of the game, a deluxe booklet with developer commentary and art, double-sided poster, and an exclusive making-of documentary on DVD.

Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition is slated for Q2. It will be priced at $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99.

The situation surrounding Anima: Gate of Memories on Wii U has been a weird one. During the project’s early days, an eShop release was pretty much set in stone. Publisher BadLand Indie ended up claiming last July that a Wii U version is no longer in the cards, which then prompted the game’s developer to say otherwise.

Now things have taken a turn for the worse once again. Here’s an excerpt from Anima’s latest Kickstarter update:

“Anima Gate of Memories will be released simultaneously in Windows, Xbox One and PS4 and we are working to be able to release a few months later a WiiU version (which, even if we are still not sure, we hope that will be possible). Right now we are trying to discover if we can provide a console key. Give us a few more weeks to see if it can be done.”

The Wii U version hasn’t been cancelled outright, but there might be a reason to be concerned. We’ll keep you informed as we hear more about the situation.


Castles footage

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Catles won’t be hitting Wii U until Q1 of next year, but it did launch on Steam earlier this month. Take a look at some footage of the game below.

BadLand Indie is publishing Ginger: Beyond the Crystal on Wii U and other platforms in 2016, the company announced today. The 3D platform adventure is developed by Drakhar Studio.

Here’s an overview of the game:

“(Ginger: Beyond the Crystal) follows a heroic young boy named Ginger whose entire life crumbled around him when an ancient crystal exploded. Thinking he is the sole survivor of his world he is astonished when he meets another lone survivor, the mayor, who explains to him that all the people who one inhabited their beloved planet have been taken to other planets and are now trapped there. Ginger must traverse the crystal to reach other worlds where he will be able to find and save his people. Along the way Ginger must reconstruct the world as he knew it by building homes for the people he manages to save. Full of mini-games, puzzles, skins to earn, and, of course, platforms you’ll spend hours aiding Ginger on his quest Beyond The Crystal.”

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is currently on Steam Greenlight here. We’ve posted a trailer below.

Castles delayed to Q1 2016

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Catles has been pushed back to Q1 2016, publisher BadLand Indie has announced. The game was previously scheduled for release this month.

In its announcement, BadLand Indie said that the team is “still hard at work and can promise it will be well worth the wait”.

Source: BadLand Indie PR

Last week, Anima: Gate of Memories publisher BadLand Indie got in touch with us to confirm that a Wii U version of the game is no longer planned. But Carlos Garcia, creator of the title, soon refuted that information. So what’s the status of the game on Wii U?

We reached out to BadLand Indie once again after presenting Garcia’s latest update, and the company said:

“The fact remains that there are no plans for the Wii U for this upcoming release. There is a possibility of a future release to other platforms, but at this time a Wii U version of Anima: Gate of Memories is not confirmed.”

We then contacted Garcia himself after informing him about the latest information we received. Despite what BadLand Indie continues to say, he’s looking to reassure fans that a Wii U version of Anima is still in the pipeline.

“We are aiming for a Wii U release as much as we were on the first day. Our problem is that we want to do a proper port to Wii U, not just a simple version of the PC, Xbox One and PS4 release; our goal is doing a good Wii U port.

For that reason, we will release in first place the game in other consoles, which have a similar performance, and then we will work in the Wii U version.”

This is an absolutely bizarre situation. BadLand Indie is maintaining the belief that Anima isn’t coming to Wii U – at least for now – though Garcia is absolutely sure that it’s happening. At the moment I’m more inclined to believe the game’s creator, but we’ll see what happens!

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