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Greg Moore

There hasn’t been a new, major Mega Man game since 2010’s Mega Man 10. With the lack of news surrounding the series, fans are beginning to wonder when the Blue Bomber might surface again.

Greg Moore, Capcom’s senior community and online specialist, recently weighed in on the lack of Mega Man titles of late. He acknowledged that four years may seem like a long time without a new release, though it’s “not an extraordinarily large gap for your average IP.”

He said:

“Four years is certainly a large gap for Mega Man, which has some 129 titles to its name spanning just 25 years, but not an extraordinarily large gap for your average IP.”

“Even without a recent title, Mega Man has a constant presence, be it in our news reel, the Japanese investor relations site, the frequently updated Rockman Unity blog in Japan, or with frequent rereleases in the digital space.”

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