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ZaciSa’s Last Stand is receiving a third update in the very near future. ZeNfA Productions submitted the patch to Nintendo, and it’s estimated for release in early August. That applies to all regions.

Below are the official notes for ZaciSa’s Last Stand:

  • The game has been improved upon to allow for even smoother experience. Even more crazy moments, like multiple Tesla Coils and Triple Enemy spawns barely lag at all.
  • The maps: PING 1.5+, BLOK DROP U & Pollux System all have their starting money increased to allow for a better experience.
  • Bot Changes:
    • Tesla Coil now has slightly increased power.
    • Drone now has slightly increased power.
  • Bot Upgrades: Costs for upgrades are at a lower rate to allow for more upgrades. This only effects late stage upgrades, early level upgrades are still the same.
  • Game Over Changes
    • Money no longer provides as big of bonus to your score as it used to.
    • Max score bonus from leftover money is now capped as well.
    • Outstanding loans no longer hurt your final score as much either.
    • These changes provide some fairness to the game scores.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand originally launched last July. Since then, the game has been updated with improvements and new features.


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