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Islets physical

Islets previously came out on the Switch eShop, but a physical version is now in the works thanks to Super Rare ames.

4,000 copies will be made in total. Each unit contains all current content on its cart at the time of printing, a full-color manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.

Islets gameplay

Armor Game Studios published Islets on Switch last week, and those that would like to get a closer look can view a new batch of gameplay. 23 minutes of footage has come in.

Learn more about Islets in the following overview:


Today, publisher Armor Games Studios and developer Kyle Thompson announced that they’re putting Islets on Switch. Not only that, but we also have a final release date of August 24, 2022.

Islets is a Metroidvania title filled with action adventure gameplay. You’ll take on the role if Iko, a “a brave mouse with ambitions of setting out to explore a sky filled with scattered floating islands and communities isolated from one another after the land was fractured by a mysterious incident many years ago.”

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