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Mario Golf: World Tour

Since its reveal, several characters have been confirmed for Mario Golf: World Tour. They are as follows:

-Bowser Jr.
-Diddy Kong

There are also four unannounced characters included in World Tour. I wonder who they might be…


New previews for Mario Golf: World Tour are starting to land. We’ve rounded up details from Polygon and Nintendo Life’s reports below.

– Can pick from realistic courses or more off-the-wall levels
– Each character has a slightly different playstyle
– This mainly pertains to their power
– Players can choose to putt as a Mii
– Miis can mirror the abilities of Mario characters, depending on their gear
– Can simultaneously take your shots, rather than wait for friends to line up their moves in multiplayer
– While you progress, small icons appear which allow you to measure their ball’s progress against your own
– No voice/text chat options
– Can send emoticons to other players
– Game includes online competitions
– Players can simply set their rules, play a course and submit their score

“You also have the ability to join special communities that will have tournaments with special rule sets. People can really play the game however they want. Some people want to play Mario Golf with realistic courses, no items, basically really limit things to more of a traditional kind of golf setting. Other people want to have the craziest — all the items on, just completely bananas.”

– Stepping onto the course only requires simple shot selection and timing
– With Auto mode, you only need to choose a direction and use A (or the touch screen) to initiate and time a shot
– Can switch to Manual mode at any point, even between shots
– The initial swing in Manual mode brings in the standard three-button-press to initiate the swing, set power and then determine the accuracy
– As the shot gauge moves on its final route you can apply the final press with the A or B button, setting up four potential combos
– Tap again quickly after the shot is initiated to add topspin, super topspin, backspin or super backspin
– Multiple shot types and club selections
– Can also deliberately manipulate your shot to fade or draw
– Quick Round: series of modes where you can play as various Mushroom Kingdom characters or your customised Mii
– Match Play: take on a computer opponent
– Speed Golf: attempt to rattle through holes as quickly as possible
– Point Play: converts your scores from strokes into points
– Lots of customization in each mode
– Can choose the number of holes from 3, 6, 9 to 18
– Add quirky Mario-style ideas such as a slot machine that limits available clubs and items
– Items are activated as a “special” shot type with various effects
– Bom-ombs prompt your ball to explode high into the air
– Fire flower will allow your ball to burn through trees
– Boomerang can add unlikely swerve
– Tricky challenge holes task you with collecting Star Coins while also making par
– Activities help you accumulate currency
– Use coins to buy clothes, accessories, more clubs
– Enhance your primary stats of Sweet Spot and Control, increase drive distance and play style of your Mii as well
– 8 categories of outfits and accessories
– Play as a Mii: Castle Club is where you buy items and is an area where you run around with your Mii
– Castle Club has tips from characters, rooms to explore, tournaments/challenges
– Start in a building and eventually venture outside to where much of the action is to be found
– Early stages start with a “practice round” on one of three initial courses to set a handicap
– You’ll then enter tournaments and gradually progress to Championship rounds
– 18-hole round takes about 30-45 mins
– Game also includes challenges that cover drives, approach shots and putting at multiple difficulty levels, useful for accumulating coins and perfecting technique
– Mii characters registered on the system gather to celebrate your score after each hole
– Large Nintendo mascots such as Bowser and Donkey Kong raggedly swinging the club with one hand

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