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Moon Hunters

Kitfox Games confirmed yesterday that a new update has gone out for Moon Hunters. Two improvements have been implemented.

First, Moon Hunters should have a smoother overall frame rate. Additionally, the game has implemented a better single Joy-Con mode detection. That’s it for the update, but both are worthwhile in improving Moon Hunters on Switch.


Moon Hunters is now available on Switch as one of the latest eShop downloads. We’ve got the official launch trailer below.

Moon Hunters is among the new games available on the Switch eShop today. Take a look at a bunch of footage in the two videos below.

Moon Hunters, first announced for Switch in August, has been given a release date on the European Switch eShop. Based on what’s listed, Moon Hunters will be available on October 26. The North American launch will also likely take place at the same time.

Moon Hunters is a roguelike action RPG with support for up to four players. You’ll set out on a journey to solve a mystery and restore balance to the world after the Moon fails to rise on one fateful summer evening.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

Source: Switch eShop

Moon Hunters is in the works for Switch, Kitfox Games has announced. A release date has not been confirmed, but it should be showing up on the eShop soon.

Moon Hunters is an adventure game in which you create your own legend in a 1-to-4 player co-operative personality test, and explore a mystical Mesopotamian-inspired world that’s different every time you play. On Switch, the Eternal Echoes DLC and three exclusive new companions are included. These are Bau, the familiar dog; Lingzhi, the familiar shroom; and Domovoi, the familiar snow monkey. Local multiplayer is supported with up to four players.

Watch a trailer for Moon Hunters below.


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