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Plenty of Fishies

Plenty of Fishies was added to the North American Wii U eShop way back in December 2014. In Europe and Australia, it’s finally due out later this month. Nitrolic Games confirmed through Miiverse that the title will be out on August 11.

Here’s the Miiverse post with the news:


Plenty of Fishies has received a new patch. We’re not entirely sure about the specifics yet, but one thing we’re hearing is that it adds Miiverse support. If we do obtain extra information about the update, we’ll update this post.


Plenty of Fishies may now be heading to the North American Wii U eShop next week. Nitrolic Games previously said that the title would be available this Thursday, but the eShop is stating otherwise. The game’s date seems to have been changed to December 18 – we’ll try to obtain confirmation.


Plenty of Fishies is set to launch on the North American Wii U eShop next week. The game received a final date of December 11.

Nitrolic Games shared the news on Twitter last week, as well as a new trailer:


Nitrolic Games shared a few details about Plenty of Fishies – the studio’s Wii U eShop title – over on its official forums. You can find the information below.

Unfortunately with this version of Plenty of Fishies, there is no asymmetric gaming; it’s just another controller, with a screen essentially. If the game is popular enough, I have another one mode planned which will add a very interesting mode to the game. 🙂

There are a about four different game modes… three single player, and three multiplayer. two of each are duplicated between the two if that makes sense. The game is very challenging, but that’s what makes it really fun – trying to get that high score makes it a very rewarding task. I’m truly excited to see how high of a score people can get… there really is no limit as to how high you can go… no ‘perfect’ run… it really is the person with the most luck, and skill!

Plenty of Fishies’ trailer is located here.


We don’t have too much information on Plenty of Fishies, but it features “paced multiplayer action, as well as challenging single player modes”. The game’s trailer is posted above.