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Pro Gymnast Simulator

Pro Gymnast Simulator gameplay

Pro Gymnast Simulator just made it to Switch, and a good chunk of gameplay has emerged. We have 22 minutes of footage in total.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pro Gymnast Simulator, check out the following overview:

Pro Gymnast Simulator trailer

RedDeerGames and Walaber Entertainment have put out a new trailer for Pro Gymnast Simulator, their new sports gymnastics title for Switch. This comes in celebration of the physics-based game’s launch this week.

We have more information about Pro Gymnast Simulator in the following overview:

Pro Gymnast Simulator was announced for Switch eShop earlier this year, and now developer Walaber Entertainment LLC and publisher RedDeerGames have revealed that the title will be launching next week on June 10, and have shared a new trailer.

In case you missed our previous coverage, you can find out more about the game below with an overview courtesy of RedDeerGames:

Developer Walaber Entertainment LLC and publisher RedDeerGames have announced that Pro Gymnast Simulator will be coming to Switch eShop later this year, and have shared a trailer to show off the gameplay. Described as an “infuriating and satisfying experience”, the game aims to reflect the real difficulty and complexity of the sport drawing on the experience of the developer, but will allow players to experiment with their own playstyle.

Here’s an overview of the game, courtesy of RedDeerGames:

It’s not easy to be a good gymnast. And now you can check it out on your own skin!

Pro Gymnast Simulator reflects the real difficulty and complexity of this demanding sport. But be careful – if you don’t get to perfection, you could get a few bruises.

Crazy acrobatic fun – tricks, sweat, tears, and most of all laughter.

This physics-based game encapsulates the thrill of professional gymnastics. Get ready for the most infuriating and satisfying experience of your life.

Enjoy controlling every important movement of your athlete. Do your best to replicate real-world gymnastics or find your own playstyle. This game gives you unlimited expressive freedom.

The fun never stops. You can always polish your skills or create new maps in the level editor.

The creator of this game has spent most of his life practicing acrobatics and gymnastics. All the intricacies of this game are based on his real-life experience.

-Full body controls
-Unlimited combo moves
-Challenging gameplay
-Created by an experienced Gymnast

Here’s a trailer:

Pro Gymnast Simulator will launch on Switch eShop this year. We’ll let you know when a release date is announced.

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