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ProtoCorgi was just a few days away from its release, but it’ll now be a bit longer until the title is ready for primetime. Kemono Games announced a delay today that will result in at least a few more weeks of waiting time.

In the announcement, Kemono indicated that the extra time will be used for polish. The full notice can be read below. 

Ravenscourt has announced in a new ProtoCorgi trailer that the shoot-em-up title will be arriving on the Switch eShop on August 26. Check out the trailer below.

In case you missed it, you can check out our original coverage of ProtoCorgi here.

Thanks to Ravenscourt and Kemono Games, we have new footage of the retro pixel art shoot ’em up title ProtoCorgi. Check out the gameplay below.

Deep Silver and Kemono Games have shared a new trailer for ProtoCorgi, the new “bark-em-up” game coming to Switch. We have the video below.

ProtoCorgi will initially launch in November, with the Switch version soon to follow.

Publisher Ravenscourt and developer Kemono Games today announced during The Escapist Indie Showcase that ProtoCorgi, a shoot ’em up game, will be made for Switch. Its release is currently on track for November.

Here’s an overview of ProtoCorgi, along with a trailer: