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Q-Cumber Factory

Yesterday, Alchemic Dungeons DX made it to Switch as a digital download. Have a look at the game in action with the footage below.

With Alchemic Dungeons DX releasing on Switch this Thursday, Flyhigh Works shared a new English trailer for the game today. Watch it below.

Flyhigh Works issued a trailer for Alchemic Dungeons DX, which launches for Switch on February 14. Thus far we have confirmation in Japanese pricing of 800 yen.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

Alchemic Dungeons DX is the same roguelike from 3DS, but with added characters, items, dungeons, background music, and more.

Q-Cumber Factory announced today that the rogue-like game Alchemic Dungeons DX is coming to Switch. A release date is not yet known.

Alchemic Dungeons DX is the same game previously released on 3DS, but with a few additions. These include new characters, new items, a new dungeon, and new music.

Flyhigh Works announced a pair of new titles for Switch during a presentation today. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers and Ninja Striker are both due out sometime in 2018.

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is the next game in the series following The Day We Found Earth. It’s a third-person adventure that takes place in a snowy post-apocalyptic wilderness of an unknown world many years in the future.