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Flyhigh Works has gone live with the launch trailer for Ninja Striker, out tomorrow on the Switch eShop. We have it tomorrow.

We now have some footage of Ninja Striker! on the Switch. Take a look at the gameplay below:

Missed any part of today’s Flyhigh Express presentation? That’s not an issue, as we now have the full recording below.

We also have a full recap announcement in English:

Another update is coming soon to the rhythm title Deemo. Sometime this month, three song packs (14 songs in total) will be added.

Today’s news was announced during the latest Flyhigh Express presentation.

Samurai Defender, having previously appeared on 3DS, is now making the jump to Switch. Flyhigh Works announced during its latest Flyhigh Express presentation that the game will be appearing on the eShop in May.

Here’s an overview:

The rhythm game Lanota is coming to Switch, Flyhigh Works announced during a video presentation today. It’s on track to launch sometime in June.

Here’s a trailer:

Update (4/12): Ninja Striker! is now listed for April 19 on the European eShop, so it should be the same day worldwide.

Original (4/11): Several months ago, Flyhigh Works announced plans to bring Ninja Striker! to Switch. We can now say that it’s launching very soon.

In Japan, Ninja Striker! will be out via the eShop on April 19 for 500 yen. It’s also confirmed for this month in the west.

Here’s a trailer:

Flyhigh Works has had a couple of presentations over the past year or so under the Flyhigh Express name. Usually we see quite a few announcements here, which are basically all Nintendo-related.

The next Flyhigh Express broadcast is confirmed to air this Friday. You can watch it via the embed below at the following times:

– 5 AM PT
– 8 AM ET
– 1 PM in the UK
– 2 AM in Europe

Flyhigh Works has provided an update on the sales of Kamiko. Since launching last year, the game has sold over 200,000 copies. It’s the third best-selling indie title on the Switch eShop.

Flyhigh Works also announced today that Fairune Collection is on the way to Switch. It’ll include the two games that were previously made available on 3DS. No release date yet, but it’s due out sometime in 2018.


Circle Entertainment has largely been focusing on Switch as of late, but the company will be releasing a new 3DS game this month. The next entry in the Witch & Hero franchise, Witch & Hero III, will finally be available this month.

Circle intends to share a new trailer and screenshots for the game sometime during the week. Hopefully a final release date won’t be too far behind.


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