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Red Entertainment

This month’s CoroCoro reveals a release date for Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear. Although the game was only just announced about a month ago, it’ll be hitting Japan on February 27. Pricing is set at 4,800 yen.

New scans from CoroCoro can be found above. There are also a bunch of details to read up on below.

– Made by Nintendo SPD and Red Entertainment (co-developers of Fire Emblem Awakening)
– Find different fossils in different areas
– Use Fossil Mobile to ride over terrain and find fossils
– Speed Type fossils go the fastest
– Buggy Type fossils are for navigating rough terrain
– Truck Type fossils can have lots of tools and are good for fighting with
– Equip different things to the mobile to help you find different fossils
– Ex: Mini Drills and Triple Drills. Mini Drills can perform delicate tasks.
– Hammer types include the Light Hammer and Mini Hammer
– 3 vs. 3 battles included
– Support guns on the Fossil Mobile can be used to attack the opponents during battles
– Exclusive demo of the game for CoroCoro readers available next month
– Demo will apparently provided 5-1- hours of content


A few more Fossil Fighters 3DS details have emerged from CoroCoro. In the game, you’ll play as protagonist Shura. Various dinosaurs can be used during battle, and the fossil cleaning system will be returning from Fossil Fighters Champions. Players will also be able to take advantage of different vehicles to explore the lands for additional fossils.


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