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505 Games and Magnus Games have provided an update on Re:Legend, the cooperative multiplayer and single-player JRPG adventure title. It’s now confirmed for release on Switch in Spring 2021.

Going along with today’s release window update, 505 Games showed off the first-ever look at gameplay from the upcoming Switch version. We have that below, along with more information about the title in general.

We finally have an update on Re:Legend, the co-op simulation RPG. The game is entering Steam Early Access next month, meaning we’re getting closer to its release.

Here’s a new trailer:

Re:Legend still doesn’t have a concrete release window, but we’ll hopefully have some news sometime after the Early Access period.

Last year, Magnus Games was able to successfully fund its new game Re:Legend through Kickstarter. 505 Games has now announced it will publish the title on Switch later this year.

Re:Legend is a mashup of RPG mechanics and simulation gameplay that combines farming and life-simulation mechanics with monster-raising and multiplayer features. We have furhter information below.

Good news for those who have been following Re:Legend on Kickstarter. The game just surpassed the $184,000 mark, meaning the game is officially confirmed for Switch.

There are still over two weeks remaining in the Re:Legend Kickstarter. That means more stretch goals could be reached before the campaign ends, such as new bachelors and bachelorettes. More information about the project is in the link below.


Re:Legend is already a success for Magnus Games. After taking the project to Kickstarter yesterday, the team has received full funding having raised over $50,000.

Magnus is setting its sights on stretch goals next. Switch is present, which will require $250,000 to be raised.

That may seem like a lot, but Re:Legend did manage to generate that aforementioned $50,000 in just a single day. The campaign has around a month before it ends, so the target is certainly possible.

Here’s an overview of Re:Legend:

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