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Rock Square Thunder

Zordix Publishing and developer Rock Square Thunder have shared a launch trailer for The Lightbringer, a story-driven adventure platform game that takes place in world claimed by a vile corruption. The game was made available this past week.

For more on The Lightbringer, check out the following overview:

Puzzle platformer The Lightbringer arrives on the Switch eShop today. Check out some gameplay footage and additional details below.

Earlier in the year, Zordix Publishing and developer Rock Square Thunder announced The Lightbringer for Switch. The two sides provided an update on the puzzle platformer today, and confirmed a final release date of October 7.

Looking to try out The Lightbringer before launch? That’s now possible, as a demo has been made available on the Switch eShop. You can download it by visiting the game’s store page that was just added to Nintendo’s digital store.

Developer Rock Square Thunder and Zordix Publishing have announced that charming puzzle platformer The Light Bringer is coming to Switch later this year. Check out an overview and announcement trailer below.