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Thousand Games

The strategic 3D shooter Synaptic Drive, which has been worked on by Custom Robo producer Kouji Kenjo, has received a release date. It will launch on May 28, and a physical release will be offered in Japan. Pricing is set at 2,980 yen for the digital version and 3,980 yen for a retail copy.

Here’s an overview of Synaptic Drive, along with a trailer:

Publisher Yunuo Games has released the first official trailer for the upcoming shooting game Synaptic Drive. 

Those interested can view the four minutes of footage below.

Although word that Synaptic Drive developer Thousand Games had found a publisher for the game over 8 months ago, it has finally been confirmed that Yunuo Games will be releasing the game worldwide.

In addition, the title is confirmed to be only available digitally on the Switch eShop. 

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At the Tokyo Game Show a few months ago, Thousand Games announced Synaptic Drive for Switch. It’s directed by Kouji Kenjou, the creator of Custom Robo.

Thousand Games passed along encouraging news today, confirming that the title has found a publisher. That has allowed the project to move into full production.

Synaptic Drive is scheduled for a 2019 launch.


In a new video shared by Thousand Games, Synaptic Drive director Kouji Kenjou shared new information about the competitive 3D shooting game. Kenjou weighed in on the project’s origins, its key features, and its Wire mechanic.

Gematsu provides the following transcript:

A few days ago, Synaptic Drive was announced for Switch. It’s being developed by Thousand Games, and is directed by Custom Robo creator Kouji Kenjou.

The first gameplay video for Synaptic Drive has now come in. Get a look at it below.


Thousand Games has announced that a prototype of the new game Synaptic Drive will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show next week. It’s being directed by Kouji Kenjo, who was a producer on Custom Robo.

Synaptic Drive is a competitive, strategic 3D shooter. Players are able to choose from a variety of characters, weapons, and settings. Thousand Games hopes to make “a game of a high enough quality to be chosen for eSports competitions” and is “currently looking for publishers and business partners”.