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XSEED Games and Marvelous have shared the first fully translated trailer Loop8: Summer of Gods, which was confirmed for the west a couple of months ago. The video highlights the cast of characters and their interactions with the protagonist in Ashihara, including a closer look at the turn-based combat in the title.

Here’s some information about the game:

Rune Factory 3 Special overview trailer

Marvelous has provided a new look at Rune Factory 3 Special with a new trailer that just went live. This is a general overview of the game that shows off features and more.

If you need a recap on Rune Factory 3 Special, read the following overview:

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life trailer

Marvelous has put out a new overview trailer for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. The title, a remake of the GameCube original, is currently in development for Switch.

Further information can be found in the following overview:

Loop8 date JP

Loop8: Summer of Gods has been dated for Japan. The coming-of-age RPG will be out on March 16, 2023 in Japan, Marvelous confirmed today.

XSEED and Marvelous announced Loop8: Summer of Gods for the west back in September. However, a specific date has yet to be provided. The only confirmation given is that the game is on track for Spring 2023 in North America and Europe.

We seem to know when Rune Factory 3 Special will launch on Switch – at least in Japan. Thanks to retailer listings, it’s confirmed that the game will launch on March 2, 2023.

In Japan, Marvelous will offer a “Dream Collection” special edition for 10,780 yen. It includes a copy of the game, special box featuring an illustration by Minako Iwasaki, “all-star” drama CD featuring a “mass gathering” of protagonists, “classified private CD,” memorial diorama acrylic stand, and download code for the additional content “Everyone Wears Swimsuits Mode.”

Rune Factory 3 Special was previously announced during the last Nintendo Direct in September. We know it’s on track for 2023 in North America and Europe, but a specific date hasn’t been provided.


Trinity Trigger Day 1 Edition

Original (10/7): XSEED Games has revealed special editions for Trinity Trigger and Loop8: Summer of Gods, with the two RPGs set to receive a Day 1 Edition and Celestial Edition respectively.

The Day 1 Edition for Trinity Trigger in the west has a 5.25” by 7.25” softcover artbook brimming with over 100 pages of game artwork from esteemed artists Yuki Nobuteru and Raita Kazama along with a two-disc soundtrack featuring the moving game score by composer Hiroki Kikuta, packaged together with the game in a custom box.

Rune Factory 3 Special

Rune Factory 3 Special is heading to Switch, XSEED and Marvelous announced today. Look for it in 2023.

Rune Factory 3 originally launched for DS. This new version has HD visuals and redesigned character models.

XSEED and Marvelous today unveiled Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life for Switch. This is a remake of a previous title in the series that first appeared on the GameCube.

Here’s an overview of the title:

Loop8: Summer of Gods

XSEED Games announced today that it intends to localize Loop8: Summer of Gods for English fans in the west. In North America and Europe, the game will be launching in Spring 2023.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is a time-travel RPG and a coming-of-age adventure. Read more about it below.

Trinity Trigger English west

XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe today announced that they’ve picked up Trinity Trigger for publishing and localization in the west, with the game receiving an English launch in early 2023.

As previously mentioned, Trinity Trigger is an action RPG from FuRyu. Some of its developers include worldbuilding artist Yuki Nobuteru (Secret of Mana), character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade), scenario writer Yura Kubota (Octopath Traveler), and composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana).

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