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TreeFall Studios

TreeFall Studios’ 2D platformer Gem Collector may come to Wii U. The indie developer confirmed on Twitter today that it’s something being attempted at the moment. If TreeFall is able to figure things out, Gem Collector will come to the eShop sometime in the future.


TreeFall Studios released The Letter on the North American Wii U eShop today. If you want to check out the game in action, view the video below. You’ll see that it can apparently be completed in just a matter of minutes.

TreeFall Studios’ first-person horror adventure “The Letter” appears to be coming to the North American Wii U eShop next week. The digital store has the game listed for a July 10 launch. Pricing is set at $1.99.


TreeFall Studios has temporarily put “Forbidden Sanctity” on hold. But in the meantime, the developer has launched an Indiegogo campaign for “The Letter”, a potential new exclusive for the Wii U eShop.

Below is an official overview of the title:

This game is a exploration and narrative based horror game for the Nintendo Wii U. Michael Kennedy is a young boy who receives a letter from his father who recently took an “off the books” construction job in a strange valley down the road from their Mountain Home. In the letter the father explains that he is probably already dead by the time his son receives the letter. Michael has no idea what is going on with this new construction team or this hidden valley, but he loves his father and will do anything to try to save him.

You can find The Letter on Indiegogo here. The campaign is seeking $5,000 in funding.


Indie developer TreeFall Studios is planning its new project, Forbidden Sanctity, for Wii U. The title is said to be “A gaming experience that has the story, look, and feel of an RPG, with the jumping and puzzle solving mechanics of a 3D platformer.”

While TreeFall has opened a Kickstarter for Forbidden Sanctity, it already appears to be slated for Wii U. The game “will be a reason to own a Wii U, just to play this game with the Gamepad,” the developer says.

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