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Untold Tales

Untold Tales and The Brotherhood have issued a launch trailer for Beautiful Desolation, a new isometric adventure game for Switch. We have it below.

Beautiful Desolation is available digitally on the Switch eShop. Our previous coverage with additional information is located here.

Untold Tales and The Brotherhood have uploaded a new extended gameplay video for the Switch version of Beautiful Desolation, their 2D isometric adventure game. We’ve included it below.

Beautiful Desolation is heading to Switch on May 28 as an eShop download. Learn more about the game here.

Untold Tales and The Brotherhood have set a Switch release date for Beautiful Desolation, an isometric adventure game. It’ll be be available on Nintendo’s console beginning May 28.

Here’s an overview of Beautiful Desolation, along with a trailer:

Next week, the top-down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre will be appearing on Switch. If you’re interested in seeing what the game has to offer, check out the video below.

The Hong Kong Massacre is due out on December 26 via the eShop. You can find more details and a trailer here.

After it was announced back in September, Hong Kong Massacre has been dated for Switch. The fast-faced, top-down shooter is scheduled for December 26.

Here’s an overview of Hong Kong Massacre, along with a trailer:

Former members of Techland have come together to form Untold Tales, a new publisher focusing on single-player games “that have the ability to tell an intriguing story, be it in the game itself or through gameplay.” The company has already announced a pair of titles being ported to Switch: the stylish slow-motion manipulation top down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre and the isometric adventure game Beautiful Desolation.

Here are overviews for both games, along with trailers: