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Wildbus Studio

Wildbus footage

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Adventure RPG Wildbus arrives on Switch this week. Check out some gameplay footage with the video below.

Wildbus arrives digitally on the Switch eShop on August 26.

The “bus modification adventure RPG” Wildbus is heading to Switch next month, Wildbus Studio has announced. It’ll be releasing digitally on August 26.

We have the following overview and trailer:

indienova and Wildbus Studio have updated Strange Field Football to version 1.0.8. It comes with the ability to set the “Stun Time” all the way up to 999 and a new “Infinite Energy” option.

The video below further highlights the new update:

Wildbus has issued a new 1.02 update for Strange Field Football. The pixel-style 5v5 sports game now has d-pad controls and a few adjustments.

The full patch are as follows:

Wildbus Studio has announced Strange Field Football, a “3D cartoon-style 5v5 football game with up to 4 local players.” It will release digitally on Switch later this month.

Here’s an overview of Strange Field Football, along with a trailer: