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Wired Productions

Wired Productions and Caged Element have teased the next content update for GRIP: Combat Element. “Summer of Combat” will introduce new tracks and arena maps, new vehicles (including an as yet unannounced new licensed IP), optimization, and more.

Here’s what the GRIP Summer of Combat will include:

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Storm in a Teacup today announced Close to the Sun for Switch. The Nikola Tesla-inspired first-person horror game will launch on the system later this year.

Here’s some additional information:

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Caged Element have announced a major update for GRIP: Combat Racing. Later this month, a new anti-grav racing class will be added alongside additional levels. All players will be able to download the “AirBlades” update for free.

Here’s some additional information:

The Town of Light was announced for Switch over a year ago. Since then, we’ve heard nothing about the status of the psychological horror adventure game.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Town of Light has hit a roadblock on Switch. Wired Productions no longer intends to offer a physical version since the team was “simply not happy with the end result and did not feel we could release in its current state”. That doesn’t sound good for the game overall, but a digital-only release will still be investigated. We wouldn’t count on The Town of Light coming to Switch at this point, but we’ll keep you updated with any news in the future.

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Publisher Wired Productions and developer Caged Element today announced that a massive update will be made available for GRIP: Combat Racing on Switch this month. Four free new tracks will be added along with the introduction of Team Racing and Deathmatch, and more.

Here’s an overview of the update:

GRIP: Combat Racing has more content planned for 2019, including new tracks. In a video shared this week, Wired Productions and Caged Element teased some of the upcoming courses. Check it out below.

Wired Productions and Caged Element have more plans for its futuristic combat racer. Today, the two companies unveiled a roadmap for the game that highlights what’s to come for the game.

The team is working on game balancing enhancements, new tracks and modes, and more. 2019 will also bring about a new racer series in the competitive sphere.

We have the full breakdown from the roadmap below.

Wired Productions published a launch trailer for today’s release of GRIP: Combat Racing on Switch. Watch it below.

New footage has arrived from the Switch version of GRIP: Combat Evolved. Check out some gameplay below as well as a docked/handheld comparison.

Wired Productions and Caged Element have shared a new Switch-specific trailer for GRIP: Combat Racing. Watch it below.