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The Alliance Alive details – characters, vehicles, battle system

Posted on March 9, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

FuRyu has sent out a mix of old and new details about The Alliance Alive. Today’s information covers characters, vehicles, and battle system. Find the full rundown below, courtesy of Gematsu.


Race: Asmodian
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

– High-ranking Asmodian noble
– Considers it his duty to protect hierarchical society that maintains order and harmony
– Dtrict personality that protects the law and does not allow crimes


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43

– Ursula’s father
– Leader of the underground organization known as the “Night Crows” that resists Asmodian rule
– Strong-willed and broad-mindedness
– Respected by the group’s members
– Known as a barkeep
– Good with his hands despite his appearance


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Over 100)

– Eccentric linguist
– Resides in the “Living Forest” where the legend of the tree people is based
– One of a few people who can read the language of the Human-Asmodian War era
– Hates people and rarely comes out for another person


– When using the the battle technique you select during battle, there is a fixed chance that the character will have an awakening
– This will level up the strength of the technique or allow you to learn a completely new battle technique
– First select a command, and there’s a fixed chance you’ll have an awakening and “Level Up” or trigger a “New Technique Acquisition”
– Possibility #1: Level Up. The battle technique you selected will level up and become more powerful.
– Possibility #2: New Technique Acquisition. Learn a new battle technique. The more you fight, the easier it is to learn new techniques.


– Sword Technique: “Deflect”: evasion technique that negates enemy attacks with a slash that sends the attack flying
– Great Sword Technique: “Tornado Slash”: circular ranged attack where you jump to the enemy and slash at them
– Axe Technique: “Violent Knock”: moving attack where you position the axe-head and ram a single enemy for three consecutive blows
– Spear Technique: “Screw Charge”: linear, ranged attack where you thrust at the enemy with the rotating tip of your charged spear
– Staff Technique: “Battering”: Eight super high-speed hits; beat up a single enemy
– Bow Technique: “Kitsune Hunting”: hunting-style shooting attack that has a special effect on beast enemies
– Shield Technique: “Death Trap”: unified strike technique that returns the blow with a stun effect based on the enemy’s attack
– Martial Arts: Gachigachi Punch: Build, build, build up your energy and release a strong punch at a single enemy


– Different vehicles will appear in the story
– Will have expanded actions and visibility when using a vehicle
– Travel to places you couldn’t before


– 7 weapon types: “Sword” “Great Sword,” “Axe,” “Spear,” “Staff,” “Bow,” “Shield,” and “Martial Arts”
– Each character can freely equip any weapon, regardless of their gender or job
– Sword: performance slightly varies depending on if the sword is a dagger type, rapier type, long sword type, or curved sword type, but it is a relatively easy to use, almighty-type weapon
– Great Sword: excels in destructive force, as well as protection, and demonstrates its power in opposition group battles, but the amount of time you spend using battle techniques can become an issue of life and death since it has difficulties in hitting its target
– Axe: excellent destructive force; since it has difficulties in hitting its target, it is not recommended for novices
– Spear: relatively easy to use weapon with high reach that makes it easy to preemptively strike the enemy; also useful in opposition group battles
– Staff: low attack power, but is a support-role weapon that steals the enemy of its battle abilities by various means
– Bow: high attack power that makes it easy to launch a preemptive attack; flashy by looks and allows for attacks that hit everyone, but can’t be used for defense
– Shield: excels in defense, allowing users to single-handedly take up the enemy’s attacks; also a fine weapon; if you don’t require protection during battle, you can also attack the enemy with the shield
– Martial Arts: low in attack power, but can destroy enemies from the inside and steal them of their battle abilities, and excels in enemy attack-avoiding techniques

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