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Two new artists introduced for Xenoblade Chronicles X

Posted on December 15, 2014 by (@KiraraKoneko) in News, Wii U

In his latest tweet, Tetsuya Takahashi introduces two new members of the Xenoblade Chronicles X development team.

Fumihiro Katagai and RARE Engine, are the latest artists to be introduced however no specifics are given as to what the two are working on.

Katagai is a mecha/conceptual designer who works on anime, and RARE Engine is an illustrator who mostly works on magazine illustrations and artwork for digital card games.

Takahashi goes on to ask for patience as he knows that continually introducing designers via twitter could get rather boring, he wants to make sure he can introduce as many artists as possible.

Takahashi feels that at this time the general direction of the game has been set ,therefore it makes it difficult for new people to join at this point so he is very grateful to those who have accepted to take part.



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