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Two new modes revealed for Super Mario 3D World

Posted on October 24, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Podcast Stories

Update: IGN has reinstated its article. We have this extra quote about The Adventures of Captain Toad…

“For example, there’s an enemy that is very simple, called a Bitty Bug. It just crawls around on the ground and gets stomped on. But suddenly, when you can’t jump, it’s the most terrifying thing. You have to think of a way to get around it. You can control the camera using the gyro function on the GamePad by moving it around, and also the circle pad. That allows you to see the course from various angles, and by using those camera controls, you’re able to find the five stars you have to find there in order to complete the puzzle.”

And commentary on Mystery House…

“The model that we used for the Mystery House in this game was the Mystery Box from Super Mario 3D Land. That’s a little puzzle that ends within 10 seconds, basically. In 3D Land, you basically just had the one box, but in this game you have various boxes connected in a course, maybe five or 10 or something like that. At first, it seems pretty easy, but you have to complete one after the other. As you go through it, things get kind of tense and you might end up messing up.”

“It’s a little bit more difficult than it looks. We’ve designed it in such a way that it’s pretty obvious, when you fail or when you die in the game, where you messed up. It’s really easy to tell where you went wrong. So it gets you motivated to try it over and over again until you complete it.”

Original: A now-pulled IGN article has revealed two brand new game modes for Super Mario 3D World.

“The Adventures of Captain Toad” has players navigating environments with gyrosensor controls. Your goal is to collect five green stars while being tactful when encountering enemeis. Jumping appears to be disabled in this mode, making it much more difficult to take down foes. IGN says the experience “feels a lot more like a puzzle game.”

IGN also got the following quote out of Super Mario 3D World co-director Kenta Motokura:

“We first thought about new kinds of gameplay that we could achieve using the GamePad. One question we thought about is, Mario can usually jump. What if we had some feature where you weren’t allowed to jump? One of the things you can experience here is, removing the jump really changes the way you interact with the world and the enemies you encounter.”

Nintendo is additionally packing in a second new mode known as “Mystery House”. Players are tasked with completing a series of timed courses while collecting green stars. It’s said to be based on the Mystery Boxes found in Super Mario 3D Land, though in this mode, there are more boxes connected in the courses. While it may seem a wee bti more difficult than in looks, it’s easy to determine what you did wrong when making a mistake.


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