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Ultimate Chicken Horse update out now (version 1.6.061), patch notes

Posted on June 21, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse’s latest update is now available. Version 1.6.061 has gone live, which features a bunch of new fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Turning into a Ghost will keep the Challenge Mode timer running until you give up or fall into a pit, allowing your dead body to complete the Challenge

  • Fixed bug with Dead Hop that could cause a 0:00:00 time to be recorded in Challenge Mode

  • Fixed bug that allowed respawning characters to trigger coin pickup from a distance

  • Fixed an issue with shift-rotated platforms moving incorrectly when placed

  • Prevented way tiny characters from being stuck at the edge of the blank level

  • Prevented players from placing goal and end blocks on blank level in such a way they are no longer selectable

  • Fixed an issue that allowed host and client to have different modifier presets loaded

  • Fixed a bug that allowed respawning in challenge mode

  • Prevented scoreboard from being stuck on

  • Allowed players to cancel placement of blocks that are unplaceable, but also ignore bounds in Free Play

  • Fixed bug that allowed colliding crouching characters to make each other fly, or die

  • Improved unlock system to better handle players who have played various maps online, before working on their own unlocks

  • Ensured that level unlocks are removed for players who leave the lobby

  • Fixed Doomsday modifiers reset during challenge mode

  • Fixed Doomsday modifier reset when used with Shared Controller Couch

  • Fixed Doomsday sound effects not being controlled by in-game volume settings

  • Prevented paper airplanes from permanently disabling teleporters

  • Made falling crumbling blocks and projectile explosions pause, so they can’t be exploited in challenge mode


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