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Video: A look at the cancelled version of de Blob for DS

Posted on January 16, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

de Blob DS

YouTuber RebelTaxi has managed to secure an early build of de Blob DS, which was originally being made by Helixe. This version of the game was ultimately cancelled.

THQ ended up publishing one version of de Blob for Wii (which is on Switch by the way), and also had plans for another on DS. Blue Tongue Entertainment was in charge of the former. Helixe was planned to handle the DS version, but their work was ultimately scrapped entirely.

That brings us to today. RebelTaxi posted a clip on Twitter showing Helixe’s original version of de Blob on DS. It seems fairly far along as core gameplay is functional. The video shows players controlling de Blob as he moves through an area and restores color to different buildings.

Here’s the full clip:

We never saw the original de Blob on DS, but the series did see some representation on the platform in time for the sequel. Halfbrick – the studio now known for Jetpack Joyride – ended up creating de Blob 2 for Nintendo’s portable which was very much its own thing. It had a totally original plot and played like a 2D platformer.

As for the original de Blob on DS, it’s unclear why the project was cancelled. We’ll fill you in with more information if additional details come to light.

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